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elderflower & delilah

Feeding cape! What a nerve…

Delilah! I can’t believe you said that. I had one of those too, and I know you were in Australia and never saw me using it with Esmé, but I had a really awkward moment in a local playgroup, where I was approached by a Grandmother of a child exclaiming that she knew ‘exactly’ what I needed. I was dumfounded to discover that her advice was for me to wear a ‘feeding cape’, and that she could rustle one up for me for the next week!!! I was so shocked I couldn’t do anything but agree. A week went by and on the next visit the same lady excitedly presented me with a handmade cape that she insisted I demonstrate. I sat there being dressed like a live mannequin, with what looked like my own personal miniature shower curtain hanging from my neck. Suddenly what was a discreet public feed, had now launched into an absolute show with adults as well as toddlers curious to know ‘what’s happening under there?’. It says so much about how the Granny was feeling more than me, she was keen to see me cover up – and it wasn’t as if I had my boob out anyhow!!!!

~ Love Elderflower

PS. Appreciate your honesty, but you are a little blunt sometimes don’t you think?


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