I have an idea…

OMG Delilah, I think I have an idea. Seriously, I have been thinking about this for the last few months, and it didn’t really seem to mean anything until you said that. I have a fab breastfeeding top I rustled up when feeding Esmé, I’ve been using again with Annie and get loads of positive comments about it, even people interested to know where I got it from – can you believe that? It’s such a simple design, but a really attractive top as well as a perfect top for a discreet feed. As you know, I feed everywhere and anywhere, but it is really reassuring to have it in my bag to pop on when I’m caught out with a string vest and a crying starving bubba demanding to be fed (particularly in the café’s). Here, I’ll send you a pic…..

It’s just a rough idea….but can you see where I’m heading with it??


What do you think? I’ve adjusted it since, as the panel at the bottom wasn’t long enough to cover my post baby bulge. What do you think? Could this be a goer?

Maybe I should get my little sewing machine out and make up one to show you next time we are on Skype. Who knows it could work?

~ Inspired Elderflower


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