Feathers & tassels


On the QT, I’m trying out something a little out of my comfort zone, wait for it……….Burlesque lessons!!!!! Yep, you read it correctly. Little self-conscious me is going all playful and cheeky one night a week with a fab group in Liverpool’s funky 81 Renshaw Street. Not sure if I mentioned Tracy (you know the Artist with the amazeballs bespoke drift-wood filled house), she had Rachel, her housemate perform her alter ego MiMi Amore at her Birthday Party. Everyone was blown away by her performance, not slutty stripping as you may think …..this is an elegant, tongue in cheek, rhythmic dance which above all oozed confidence. Left me thinking……I wanna bit of that (and I’m not talking tassles and feathers – I just mean the confidence and comfort in her own skin, it was truly inspirational). So, week two under my belt and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see where this journey takes me. I already feel that I woke up this morning, shoulders back and ready to face the day. I hope to surprise myself with the discovery of a brand new side of me, something new to explore. I love it, creativity in a whole new way!

~ Wow look at me, Elderflower


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