Getting creative

Nice work Elderflower! I can see it now, your name in lights and you on stage ready to wave those titty tassels around. Wait – Aren’t you still breastfeeding, how on earth does that work, could get a little messy.

Who would have thought? Well – whatever gets you up and out and feeling that good about life has to be good for you! How are you going with that top of yours, I can’t wait to see it on Skype. I spotted a couple of breastfeeding mums around Bondi today, and I think that could really work here too. Who knows we could have a global idea on our hands!

On a separate note, I have gone and got all creative myself. In a desperate bid to get Byron more engaged with reading, I decided to create the characters from his favourite books, so he can act them out as I read. It’s actually really working – he’s loving it!

What do you think? See if you can spot the characters…

~ Delilah X



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