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elderflower & delilah

Red lipstick & Gandolf’s cloak

Firstly, I LOVE THOSE CHARACTERS! Byron is such a lucky little boy.

Delilah! Can you really see me in Tassels???? Anyhow, they’re aren’t any BIG enough to cover these……have you forgotten the size of Breastfed nipples?…..I could hang Gandolf’s cloak on them at the moment. No, think I might stay a little more covered till my body settles back. But, I can’t recommend it enough, it has come at exactly the right time for me, ready for me to re claim ownership of my body again….hurray! ……And, bought my very first ever rouge lippy…..felt a bit of an idiot walking around town with Mally and the girls on Sunday after the MAC counter insisted that I sample it…..and when I eventually caught a glance at myself, the makeup artist had drawn all around my lips with the darkest red staining stuff ever made!!! Looked like I had done ten rounds with Tyson!!! A show!!!!!, At least I know it will last the night, when the time comes to eventually make use of it.

Posted the breastfeeding sample top to you with a paper pattern, paid extra for a fast delivery, so hopefully you’ll receive it in the next few days.

~ A slightly giddy Elderflower


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