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elderflower & delilah

The next Dita von tease

Seriously Elderflower, you sound like you are going to be ready for the big stage in no time. Forget the new breastfeeding top venture, maybe you are going to be the next Dita Von Tease!
OK, lets stop daydreaming. THE TOP ARRIVED!!! I have just picked it up from the post office. I am super excited. Wow it looks so simple when I lay it out. I even tried it on, I know I am not technically breastfeeding but I found a teddy of Byron’s and tucked it under to see how it worked. Its great! I will text Manuka my lovely dressmaker friend (she is the owner of http://www.allaboutheidi.com, where I bought those wonderful leather sandals for Annie), and see if she can work up a sample that works. I bought some beautiful fabric I think you’ll like, so I will give her that to work with for now. She said it should only take a week. Wow, I am bursting with excitement. What’s more, I will be able to start working on a brand with you – that will be fun going through the process. Who said distance changes anything. I love that we can do this on opposite sides of the world! It means we will get things done quicker too. When I am asleep you will be actioning things I haven’t in the day and vice versa. LOVE IT!

~ Let’s do this, Delilah


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