Did you get the sample?

So, any news on the top Delilah? I’m desperate to see what your seamstress has rustled up. So pleased you found some nice material to test it out in, the original one I made was from odds and ends – it’s going to look great….but the anticipation is killing me.

I’ve been picking up various fabrics for the top to send to you too. One of my favourites by far has been the Bamboo cotton mix, beautifully soft and breathable too (in fact I picked you up a pair of the BAM socks for you to try to get a feel for the fabric – really lush. Have a look at the website https://www.bambooclothing.co.uk/). The blimmin’ post cost more than the socks themselves, can you believe it?

I’m getting so excited about this venture that I’ve signed up to an evening course in dressmaking (thought we could save on the cost of seamstresses mocking up our ideas). In stark contrast to my Burlesque Tuesday nights, on Monday nights I’m sat amongst a group of lively women (aged 20-70). The upbeat chatter and free flowing tea is a warm reminder of why I love Liverpool so much, the older ladies are raucous and I’m lucky enough to be planted right in amongst them in classroom. You never know, maybe I will be soon trained up to rustle up my own tassles and frills for a performance….haha! A LONG way off that!

~Big Hugs Delilah. Miss your face, Elderflower Xxxxxx


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