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elderflower & delilah

Exciting news…

Hey Delilah!

The top arrived! I was so excited when I went to collect the package from the Post Office, I couldn’t get to the car quick enough and opened it up whilst I sat in the car park…the anticipation nearly killed me. What a gorgeous job your seamstress did, the invisible hem is beautiful (“bias binding” I’ve since learned on my dressmaking course), you can tell she’s very experienced and super talented.

I absolutely LOVE it. And seems I’m not the only one, since having this top made in this striking fabric, you wouldn’t believe how much interest has been sparked….whenever I latch Annie on, in it’s full discreet coverage, I have enquiries about where to get one, and that’s mostly strangers! Get’s me even more excited and spurred on that this is a product that Mummies really want. One Mummy friend who has not long had her daughter by c-section suggested a scalloped edge on the waist and back to disguise post baby bulges, I think she’s right. I’ll mock up one up (Get ME! Ain’t this dressmaking course paying off??) and send you a pic, but for the time being, this one is serving me really well – thank you!

Did you get the Bamboo socks yet? They’re just a small taster for what the fabric might be like for use as a top. Hear it is comfy, easily washed and non creasable…..this could be it Delilah!



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