Morning Delilah

Morning Delilah (or should I say “Evenin’!”),

My minds buzzing with so many ideas for this project that I feel I’m going to POP. I’ve been sketching out designs for other tops too (it could be a range) or am I getting ahead of myself??? As I’m beavering away I feel gutted that potentially I won’t be feeding long enough to make use of these myself. I’ve chatted to a few people about the plans, and I’m being reminded about how we really need to ‘test run’ the top on Feeding Mammas, ones that have no connection with you or I and will give us unbiased opinion on it. I know it works for me, but will it work for everyone? Another Lawyer friend of mine was talking about the copyright patent of the design and logo (EeeeeK, it’s getting all a bit serious!), so have booked a free ½ hr session with a Patent Lawyer – gonna have to ditch my puke stained t’s and flats with something smart and some killer heels and show ‘em I mean BUSINESS (even if I’m not entirely sure what it all means!!!).

~ A slightly anxious Elderflower!


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