Getting serious

Hey Delilah,

Where are you? Not heard from you in a couple of days. Well, Legal stuff – tick. You should’ve seen the face of the young male Lawyer who hadn’t a clue what product I was presenting to him (he said he normally gets mechanical objects brought into him). Gave him the full “Dragon’s Den” style presentation, complete with display boards and demo (obviously less the real feeding baby). He was flushed as soon as I mentioned “breastfeeding” think the addition of even a plastic doll would’ve had had him running. But he knows his stuff and I was armed ready with questions to make use of the free time I had before the pound per second charge was due to set in! Lots to share with you on Skype. Also, thank you for the beautiful leather handmade sandals. I’ll get a photo of Annie in them. Did you say that you met the designer/maker at the Bondi Markets? How lucky are you to have that on your doorstep. They’re gorgeous.

Skype soon,

~ Elderflower XXxx


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