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elderflower & delilah


Wow look at you? I go quiet for a couple of days and you have the full thing under control. To be honest, our wireless seemed to be down, and then realized after a couple of days of fiddling with wires etc, that in fact I’d only gone and knocked the plug out behind the dresser when hoovering! That will teach me! So glad to see that in my absence so much got done. I am eager to start on the branding brief as soon as possible. I have got a wonderful designer I work with who would be perfect for this. Let me know when you are ready and we will Skype and chat through your ideas. I will set aside a few days next week to write up the brief. Are we 100% about ‘Elderflower & Delilah’ as the brand name, I love it. Do you?

~ Back online. Delilah x


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