Elsa DIY Dress

DEFFO E&D! Are you kidding!?! It makes perfect sense. Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet now Delilah!

Well, life here at home in our resident Mad House is taking over again. Esmé’s been nagging me to make her an Elsa dress ever since she found I’ve been going to sewing classes. I felt so bad that I’ve been working on a teeny tiny dress for Annie in my lesson that I decided to bite the bullet and attempt an Elsa dress…… Googled: “Easy Elsa Dress Pattern”, and hey presto, up came an easy peasy t-shirt dress that even the most novice dressmakers amongst us can do.

The tutotial (http://www.amandaevanscc.com/life/my-life-as-mom/queen-elsa-ice-dress-tutorial/) was so easy to follow and the result isn’t bad at all…..the BIG test was Esmé AKA Elsa’s discovery of it this morning, and phewee, it was a hit. So much so that I found it hard to persuade her out of it to get into her pre-school uniform. Promised her she could hop straight back into it this avo : )

Thankfully. Halloween this year is going to be a much easier affair, Esmé has announced we are all going as “boxtrolls”, fine by me, all I have to source is boxes to fit each of us in. My only reservation is that she’ll be disappointed to discover everyone else dressed as witches and pumpkins, maybe I’ll pack the Elsa Dress too as back up!!!! All this home sewing makes me think of how Mum must’ve have worked tirelessly 24/7 to get the outfits made up for all of us. Have you still got that pic of us as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum?, hey there’s another idea for our brand, “DEE ‘N’ DUMB”…..see, didn’t I tell you E&D works perfectly!

~ Elderflower X


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