We’ve done it!

Wow! What a roller coaster this ride has been! From design to manufacture, and now a product to finally unleash to the public.

It’s strange, on reflection and trying not to look back through rose tinted glasses, there have been a fair share of trying times through this process (tripping up on the hurdles that a novice to this industry might – like finding out a fabric isn’t what it states after having the test results back from the labs and ending up at square 1 again!!), and being hit by having to agree the highest price as we have no buying power to haggle with. But all that aside, we now have products that have been lovingly developed by us and informed by our real life focus group of mammas. Products that we can be proud of and want to share with the rest of the world.

It’s a funny old journey, but, I’m so glad I’ve had you to take it with, to assist me when times got tough and I was at risk of giving up. You were the sound board, the impetus to keep going and the creative drive to push this forward. And now we are here….we Made IT…..literally!

And now for the public to decide what they make of it……   It’s like waving your baby off to be judged, but with the inner confidence that your baby has the best you had to give, lets just hope our best is good enough!

Miss you…

Elderflower Xxxx

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